Dr. Alaa Arafa

Dr. Alaa Arafa is a prominent industrialist who grew his family business into Arafa Holding, a distinguished apparel and textile manufacturer and fashion retailer in   both Egypt and the UK, which is listed in the Cairo Stock Exchange since 2004. 

Dr. Arafa has been actively investing in the energy sector for more than a decade. Among many other accomplishments in the energy sector, he founded the entity Dolphinus Holdings, which succeeded along with partners from major international  oil companies (IOCs) in securing the largest natural gas trading deal in the Middle East. 

In addition to his major investments in textile and energy, Dr. Arafa has been actively investing in other industries including real estate, agriculture, cement, and food. He also co-founded and was a key shareholder & Board member of Citadel Capital – the largest private equity firm in the Middle East and Africa. 

Dr. Alaa co-founded CIIC, Egypt’s first and largest private investment bank, and sat on its board of directors. As part of his philanthropic commitment. He also co-founded the Yahiya Arafa’s Children Charity Foundation to support public hospitals in Egypt that serve impoverished children. Dr. Arafa was born in Alexandria in 1958 and studied medicine at Cairo’s Ain Shams University (“Faculty of Medicine”).