Green Ammonia

Mediterranean Energy Partners believes energy transition is more than simply generating clean energy. We believe distributing and utilization of energy needs to be fit for purpose. MEP’s chief project was recently announced in the media: an export-focused green ammonia facility located in Egypt. Other large-scale projects in various stages of development are underway.

Ammonia is a logical hydrogen carrier, enabling hydrogen to be transported and utilized in a cost-effective manner. This ‘green ammonia’ will be delivered to offtakers by vessels. Liquified ammonia can store fifty percent more volume than liquified hydrogen. It has the advantage of simplicity of storage, existing logistics, and ready end-user markets.

Our proposed MEP plant facility project is planned to be built in the Gulf of Suez region. It will produce hydrogen and ammonia from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, as well as desalinated water—a fully green process. MEP awarded Petrofac, a UK-based EPC firm, the scope to conduct a feasibility study with the target to produce 125,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually.